employee experience

employee experience

We offer employee experience (EX) research, providing employers with easy-to-understand data on employees' thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our main goal is to increase productivity by identifying weak links in the whole employee-company interaction. Once exposed, we propose direct interventions to address the most acute issues. This way, we are capable of increasing employee retention and productivity by improving the employee experience.

our research

our research


We don't focus just on satisfaction or engagement. We consider the whole mix of feelings, thoughts, and actions to map the employee experience.


We borrowed methods from user experience researchers. Thus, we perceive employees as "users" of a workplace, and we approach them accordingly.


Without a doubt, personal contact is irreplaceable. However, we can maintain a high research validity level even when collecting all the data online.

experience map

Experience map

Employees interact with a company via multiple “touchpoints.” An example of a touchpoint might be the software and hardware they use. Or a process they have to follow. Interaction with each of these touchpoints elicits emotions. When, for example, applying for a vacation requires inputting the request into multiple applications, the experience tends to be negative. Now, we map the interactions at various touchpoints and identify room for improvement.

Day at work

The day at work research helps you learn what employees experience during the whole working day. Especially now, having most people working from home, this information becomes quite essential. Many people recently struggle to balance work with multiple additional tasks and duties: e.g., supervising children’s distance learning, cooking, and shopping for grandparents. Lots of them are gradually becoming exhausted and overwhelmed, which reflects in their work-related results.

Day at work
Employee jourmey map

Employee journey map

Employee journey maps help you see the changes in employee experience at different stages of employment. In this research, we examine the whole employment span, from the first contact with the company to the last farewell party. You learn how employee-company relations change over time and identify the critical employment phases from the employees’ perspective.

about us

about us

The founders of this company are two psychologists, David and Monika. We both graduated in psychology, but soon we professionally shifted into separate domains, the IT field, and the HR field, respectively. At some point, we realized that we share a similar experience, although from a different perspective. David, a UX specialist, has seen talented experts quitting jobs due to some easy-to-be-solved environmental problems. On the other hand, Monika knew how complicated it was to replace such an expert. We felt that slight changes in the work environment could significantly reduce employee turnover. Therefore, we conducted small experiments of our own, which confirmed this initial presumption. Since then, we have been working hard to develop a comprehensive research approach that could help employers avoid losing critical employees.

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