employee experience

employee experience

We provide employee experience (EX) research. We help enterprises and companies discover how employees feel, what they think about, and how it affects their attitude towards work. Our main goal is to increase productivity: we search for the weak links in employee-company bonds and suggest strategies to improve mutual interactions. By improving the employee experience, we are indirectly increasing productivity.

our research

our research


When mapping the employee experience, we are interested in the entire set of feelings, thoughts, and actions of employees, not just employee satisfaction or loyalty.


We borrowed methods from user experience researchers. Therefore, we perceive employees as "users" of the work environment and treat them accordingly.


Personal contact is, without a doubt, irreplaceable. However, we can maintain a high level of research quality even when all the research procedures occur online.

Day at work

A day at work is research that reveals what an employee experiences daily at work. This information may come in handy, especially nowadays, when many people work from home. Research suggests that, in addition to new opportunities, working from home brings many challenges. Can employees organize their working day? Can they balance personal, family, and work-life or cope with social isolation? At the end of this research, we offer targeted interventions to help employees better manage their working day, directly impacting their productivity.

Experience map

An employee is in constant contact with the company. Each interaction arouses subtle emotions in the employee, which gradually build on each other. After some time, the little pieces of experience transform into an employee attitude. In creating an experience map, our task is to untangle and describe all these minor interactions. To understand where the employee’s contact with the company occurs and what happens at such a “touchpoint.” We then design processes that lead to improvement.

Employee journey map

Journey Map allows you to capture changes in the employee experience at different stages of employment. This research focuses on the entire employment process, from the first recruitment interview to the last farewell party. We find out what happens and which factors or influences are critical at each stage of the employment. You’ll learn what stages are essential for employee retention and how the employee’s relationship with the company changes over time. In the end, we provide a list of recommendations on what changes will have the most significant impact on employee productivity and retention.

about us

about us

Soon after graduation in psychology, both founders, David and Monika, started to explore other professional fields. David commenced working in software research while Monika became human resources and education specialist. After some time, we realized that we both share a similar experience, yet from a different perspective. David met many talented colleagues in the IT field who were leaving their jobs often due to easily solvable problems.

On the other hand, Monika has experienced how difficult it is to replace and train such a professional. We both perceived that slight systemic changes in the company's setup could turn the situation around. Our first probes only confirmed this hypothesis. Since then, we have constantly been improving our research approach and trying to prevent unnecessary turnover.

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